Indiana / Indianapolis Local Leather Groups

Indiana Kink Society

Come and join your friends and IKS members at our slosh on the second Friday and fourth Monday of each month. Enjoy an evening of socializing, cocktails and merriment at the dark and sexy 501 Tavern (We meet upstairs).

The 501 offers a fun and unique environment for our slosh. A leather and denim bar, the atmosphere is a little more wicked and euphoric. People tend to dress up a little more. There are also several play stations where we can have mini-scenes and engage in light play. So if you are inclined to dress up or bring a couple toys, feel free.

Everyone (21+) is welcome to attend, and we encourage newcomers to come and meet those in your local kink community.

A "Slosh" is like a munch only without a sit-down meal. Normally held in a lounge or bar, these are still casual events without play as the primary purpose of gathering. It’s a chance for people in the BDSM community to get together, connect, share experiences, and just enjoy the company of other people who are into the same kind of things that they are. Our slosh is a safe, casual environment where you can be yourself, without the pressures of having to conceal your BDSM tastes from friends, co-workers, family, and other folks who might not be able to deal. Dress is usually casual...but many people dress sexy or wear fetish styles of clothing while still remaining decent in public.

Indiana Leather Club

Indiana Leather Club is a diverse, pansexual group of adults who share a common interest in Leather, BDSM, or similar kink (bondage, spanking, etc.) and who want to be active in building a thriving and supportive community in the Indianapolis metro area. We are women, men and transgendered people, heterosexual, bisexual, gay and lesbian, partnered, married, single, monogamous and polyamorous, young and old.

Indiana Masters and Slaves

IMAS (Indiana Masters and slaves/submissives/switches) Is a private organization of individuals who are actively interested in BDSM activities. Upholding honor, integrity, trust and honesty above all else, we have founded this organization upon the principles of tolerance and acceptance of diverse lifestyles and practices. We shall continuously strive to provide a safe, supportive, social and educational environment for people interested in alternative lifestyle practices, while differentiating between abusive behavior and the many different expressions of total power exchange within a consensual relationship.

Indy PAH

Indy PAH (Pups and Handlers) represents Indianapolis and the greater state area, providing a safe social group with events and activities for pups and handlers to learn, play and share their experiences with their community.

Masters And slaves Together: Indianapolis

MAsT: Indianapolis is a pansexual support and discussion group for those interested in Master-Mistress/slave, Dominant/submissive or Power Exchange relationships. Persons of any gender and sexual orientation are welcome.

We are women, men and transgendered people, heterosexual, bisexual, gay and lesbian, partnered, married, single, monogamous and polyamorous, young and old. We support the statements of purpose of NLA-International and apply them to local issues.