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About The Indiana Falcons

Indiana Falcons, Inc. was founded on August 2, 2000 as a men's fraternal organization.

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The Indiana Falcons organization was created with the first meeting in June of 2000 of six men, Bryan, Rod, John, Mike, Jim and Devon. The first set of bylaws were adopted on August 2, 2000. Thus began an organization that has seen many members move through our organization with many moving beyond our reach, but always in our hearts and minds. This is a club of like minded men seeking to better themselves and the community. This is a true brotherhood. For those that have moved on, you will always be our brothers. For those of you seeking a brotherhood, we will open our hearts and minds to you as long as you do the same.

The Indiana Falcon's are comprised of individual men having common characters and various attributes including: an interest in the leather community, brotherhood, honesty, education, community service, masculinity and discretion.

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We live in a place where dreams are born and Falcons soar.

We live a life that many envy but fear to fly by our side.

We choose to go where most men only dream of going.

We believe strongly in our dreams and making them reality.

We live our life fully.

We don’t want to miss a moment.